Blanchard House remote interview guide

Before the recording

Please prepare the following 15-30 minutes before the interview:

  1. If possible, choose a quiet room with no background noise for the recording session, ideally soft-furnished (curtains, carpet, bookshelves)

  2. You will require plug-in wired headphones (not wireless)

  3. A stack of books or shoe box to raise the microphone to chest / mouth height

  4. Plug the microphone into the computer using a USB cable

  5. Plug headphones into the computer’s audio output

  6. Download Google Chrome using THIS LINK

  7. Angle mic towards mouth – make sure the logo is facing the user


Joining Riverside

  1. Click THIS LINK to join the interview
  2. Follow the steps illustrated in the video below for easy setup – written instructions can be found beneath the video

Step by step guide

  1. Enter your name into the “Your name” box and click “I am using headphones”, then click “Request Camera Permissions”

2. A box will appear on the top left of your screen, click the “Allow” button

3. Select the “RØDE NT-USB Mini” as your microphone – as shown in the image titled “Step 3” below

4. Select your headphones “External Headphones” – as shown in the image titled “Step 4” below

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