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Working with Blanchard House

Information for authors and collaborators

Blanchard House is an independent podcast company, seeking to bring to light the most captivating non-fiction stories, both relevant today and timeless in their value. We believe that the burgeoning podcast market offers a unique opportunity for deserving books to find a whole new audience.


Where some book publishers are struggling to make sense of this exciting format, our expert and handpicked team will be able to work with you to create a narrative serial podcast that builds on your book’s achievement with a combination of new journalism, fresh interviews and original music and sound design.


We would collaborate fully with you, to the extent you wish. Our collaboration is not limited creative input, but also includes the option to tell your story in your own words and under the expert guidance of one of our highly experienced and award-winning audio producers.


Podcast rights in and of themselves are of uncertain value (because “podcast” can mean so many things, from man-in-a-shed marketing to highest spec production) so we offer a small one-off fee upfront for those rights. We would then commit to a production budget (at our sole expense) of no less than US$50,000. Making money from podcasts is notoriously tricky and in order to be sure we could recoup our costs we would need all derivative rights from the podcast, as well as TV/film rights, for which we’d pay you a percentage of our net receipts on sale.


We anticipate that the podcast will significantly reinvigorate book sales, and once the podcast exists you may wish to inform your publisher so they could consider reprinting. For the avoidance of doubt we would not seek any share of your book sales at any time or seek monies from you or your publisher.


As journalists and creatives ourselves we understand the importance of a work to its author. We will always strive to give you proper credit as the author and if the podcast were to mature into a TV/Film project you would have the opportunity to be attached as a writer or producer.


We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the team and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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